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 Haining Henry Textile Co.,Ltd  is a professional company specializing of Swimwear Fabric, Sportswear Fabric,Yogawear Fabric,Activewear Fabric ,Lycra Fabric, Recycled Polyester Fabric, Peach Finished Fabrics, Single Jersey, Spandex Mesh Fabric,. We can offer goods with high quality, competitive price and professional service. 

 Our products rang as following: 
Warp Knitting: 
1.Polyester+Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) fabrics 
2.Nylon+Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) fabrics 
3.Plain and stretch mesh fabrics 
4.100% Polyester tricot fabrics 
5.all can be printed ,foil ,glitter and PU 
Weft Knitted: 
1.Polyester+Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) single fabrics 
2.Nylon+Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) single fabrics 
3.Supplex+Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) single fabrics 
4.Cation+Spandex (or Lycra with Tag) single fabrics 
6.Interlock Spandex fabric
7.100% Polyester fabrics 
8.All can be printed ,foil ,glitter and Peach finished  

Functional: Moisture Wicking、antibacterial and deodorizing、 Waterproof、UV protection、chlorine resistance、anti-static electricity.
 With advanced equipments, high-standard management technologies, top testing instruments, we can satisfy customers’ high-level needs with quality products and services. Boasting an excellent corporate image, In order to further explore the global market, we are ready to cooperate with you, and would like to become your reliable friend and business 


Contact: Leo

Phone: +86-13738278782

E-mail: leo@henruitex.com

Add: Rm.1806 Warp Knitting Headquater Business District, Haining city, Zhejiang, 314419, China

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